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Lisa Merk

Northern Light medium

Northern Light medium

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Volume ca. 250  ml / Diameter: ca. 82 mm, Height: 86 mm

This piece is made in white porcelain, partially dyed with pigments. It has a glossy finish inside and matt touch outside.

All mugs are handmade in my studio. Each piece has a unique pattern with a distinct appearance. Irregularities in size, form, glaze and surface are part of the process and make handmade porcelain objects so unique and beautiful. Enjoy and handle with care!

This item is dishwasher safe.

There is more than one mug in this colour combination available. Please note that you will get any mug in this colour and that I might have a different swirl than what you see on the picture.

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Northern Lights

The series Northern Lights was first created during my studies in Lund/Sweden. During the dark winter months in Sweden, I spend a lot of time in the ceramics studio in Lund developing forms and pouring techniques. Dying porcelain slip with pigments gave each piece a unique and distinct appearance and color code. The vivid and fluid colors that appear on the surface reminded me about the beautiful sky when the northern lights appear. My mug series became a homage to this natural phenomenon.

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